Wednesday, May 30, 2018

nature nurture

A rose, my friend, is always a rose,
no matter from whence the soil it grows.

so is it our nature or our nurture,
that determines our stature?

Weeds will always choke the host,
destruction & turmoil is their boast.

A peaceable person is always kind,
No matter the storms, that rage in the mind.

a rose will always grow into a rose,
no matter the soil from whence it grows.

Dont be fooled by those who always blame,
a peaceable nature will tigers try & tame.

Monday, March 26, 2018

The picture

You painted a picture & I was there.
future mists tangible in love & despair.

The picture for good times & for toil,
containing the hardship & the right royal.

You painted a picture & visioned myself,
covered in love & full spiritual wealth.

A picture so real i tasted the air.
of a dream together, a dream to share.

You painted a picture & I was alive.
with love & happiness for this i now strive.

You painted a picture for me & you.
a picture so vivid,  im now painting it too.

quinton j damstra to his wife

Monday, March 19, 2018

what man be you?

To get power, some men guzzle down the hearts of tigers they've slaughtered, some men lick & slurp the dust of rhino horns they have butchered, whilst others mercilessly fight each other in front of baying for blood crowds. Some men take life, abuse & inflict their might over ALL innocence.

All the above and more for some men's illusion to obtain power, strength & a warped prestige.

Some men , not many men it seems, simply, consistently do everyday what is honorable, kind & right. They do this even though nobody is watching them. That minority type of man, was my father,  Douwe Archibald Damstra. 07/09/31 - 13/03/18

More men need to look to & try emulate examples such as these & we will live in harmonious communities, filled with kindness, love for each other & deep respect. a dreamers paradise, i hear you say? 

the question is the simple answer to the above.

what man, be you? 

Monday, December 18, 2017

just a little while longer

dark now days,
poor vision thy night.

desolate megiddo,
a windswept plight.

a far off light,
through dismal gloom.

somber the day,
concealed is the moon.

"hidden secrets, await the morn,
exalt companions in this days dawn."

not much longer,
under these dismal skies.

assuage will be replete,
through faiths salved eyes.

just a little while longer
all shall be revealed.

will light thy day,
salvation is sealed.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

originality is all but dead.

design copy artists are 11 a dozen.
copy, paste bake in mediocrities oven.

originality of design has all but left.
unique skill  inception all bereft.

generation zodiac want it all now.
copy paste  repeat designs golden cow.

pin interest insta mood boards all of others.
copying old songs, simply singing anothers covers.

where is the 1 in a dozen original designer.
doesn't seem like we will ever find them here.

to thine artistic design self always be true
in all we design & in all that we do.

be original in your artistic wild expressions.
your work will show honesty, integrity, compassion.

respect is given to those who follow  unique vision.
not to those with copy paste repeat skills of precision.

if your one of the eleven that i now speak.
try be the 1 designer who is always meek.

humility in approach will keep one well grounded.
nothing new under the sun has man ever founded.

go with godspeed and find your artistic expression.
a unique design awaits creation in one golden session.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

B 2 D - birth to death

walk the road.
run the mile
stop, think rest awhile.

take a chance
start that dance
slow down, take it easy.

a single candle burns
lights that shine bright
leaves embers hanging in the night.

SO, how bright is your flame?
how good is your name?
ponder over each coming step.

its the journey, not the destination.
so create  new trails,
new horizons to set sail.

GO NOW!!! - have an adventure.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Rise the dark age of man

Rise the Ibis and the crow,
Eire of nature they will now show.

adjutants grow strong await the feed,
of staring wide eyes, mans rampant greed.

Diamond Tiara's, Gold ruby rings,
burning flesh, painful red stings.

harbingers of death flock in the periphery,
hooded creatures herald a dark, light epiphany.

blazing red moon, controls wild seas,
dark day noon , we shall soon see.

the good in man shall yet him save,
from the conspirators pale rider & the grave.

Dont be hornswoggled by the impending storms,
the thunder klap signals mankind to warn.

man awaits the end of dark days rise.
free from this blindness is now our surprise.

QJD 2017