Thursday, August 10, 2017

The world is NOW @ WAR 2017

The world is now @ WAR
its visiously baying down your door.
As Masses are driven from their homes,

Whatever does chase the innocent away,
must be beastly, frightening & there it wont stay.
in wild wind innocence now sadly roams.

Ideology will scorch Earth between land asunder,
follows the innocent for its own gross plunder.
for nations to gridlock their power.

This world is now filled with this extreme hurtful HATE,
It is NOW dismantling your previously peaceful GATE.
its an extremely daunting time for an hour.

Tarquin J Oarsmad 2017

Friday, October 14, 2016

a synoptic reaction a life lived

stone of gold, its touch cold.
a perceived treasure.

warmth of flesh, is always fresh,
a value beyond measure.

do not be misled, true value, it is said.
is its people that give us pleasure.


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

march to megiddo

As we march to Nosgorov , across the Abysmal plain.
my eye alights upon a red rose , growing against the grain.

guns and sites of man  align, the rose is at peace.
the machinations of war roll on, awakening Valhalla's feast.

The rose its beauty under-filed, a pure vision before the dawn.
of a plain spotted with crimson flecks, before the end of this days morn.

QJD 2016

Thursday, January 30, 2014

time traveler

Is it beyond a mortal mans design,
to understand life , to define time?

Or does a single epiphany await,
a sole explorer at life's golden gate.

QJD 2013

tic scab

your groveling up meth less than a dime.
as you throw your head back , to snap your own spine.

your eyes are crazy wild now all of the time,
you think you are normal you believe that your fine.

youve stopped even trying to walk the fine line,
really believing your cleverly running rhyme.

life is passing you, like  a silent mime,
as meth rots flesh as chemicals dine.

its all about you , its all about mine.
owlishly watching as others pass wine.

you feeling your great , feeling sublime,
as teeth fall out  and your hair a husk, is a sign.

that soon the filth pavement  your racked body will sadly align.

QJD 2013

paradise lost , restored.

whilst fire consumes a good mans life,
cancer racks another mans wife.

destruction is the way of men.
as life cycles repeat again and again.

the lessons the living all must learn.
right from wrong we try discern.

naive is doth as knowledge take.
cursed all men to an outcast fate.

proving worth for righteous measure.
honorable vessels, a creators treasure.

QJD 2013

An ode to the smug poet.

I meter , I rhyme , I profoundly articulate.
About love , life I magnificently pontificate.

spectacularly projecting thought thread as I ruminate,
my verse is so pure , my insight vastly suffocates.

you wonder my poetic gift as this verse I fabricate.
many poets my brilliance strive to emulate.

Pure human endeavor, as the glutton I emancipate.
the felon , the crook,  the sly I deftly berate.

i beat my chest whilst in intelligent sonnet.
humility leaves as my ego rushes your front gate.

QJD - 2013