Sunday, June 23, 2024

Climatic point

Beyond our withered arms grasp.

light into deep shadow fading fast.

Trepidation stalks the pathway dark.

Light is limited recognising a spark. 

Out of reach in the pale moon light.

We question our wrongs & what is right?

Illuminated sorrow cuts us very deep.

Is this deed of my hands or of my own feet?

Is that a wild hoof or is it the twisted claw?

Just out beyond a hairs breadth door.

What is it that i am able to now see?

Through my bound mind intellect is free?

Oh to look back beyond a future time veil.

Life of kind success or will the path i fail?

Worry about this connundrum i do much.

Is the answer to this life that i live as such. 

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Visions stark light

Seeing now within stark bright light,

A design so virtuous it defies whats right.

Mans perspective of that which is pure,

This imperfect life the life we try & endure.

Daniels painted future, Ezekiels vision,

A design of such indepth holy precision.

Creation hewn from this earths sand,

Dust to dust the virtuous design is MAN!

Days of shortened night

As we walk the line of fire,

skipping around the embers of desire.

Our mind awakened by lucid thought,

Times in imagination that has been sought.

We look eyes wide towards the sky,

Our feet on earth appear to lie.

The ground beneath our step gives way,

As we try hold fast to this night & this day.

Freefalling into an unruly wild storm, 

Now ripped asunder we simply must be reborn.

We seek now that which eludes our feeble grasp,

We hold forever the thoughts from a long ago past.

Awake the night, sleep walk the cold dawn,

Lifes fire line is much trouble & is forlorn.

The inferno rages within our simple mind,

Creavity unleash, solice we must try now find. 

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Digital heritage syndrome

A twenty second century culture all loaded to a cloud.

Our digital legacy like a voice spoken to nobody out loud.
A rock sculpture hand print is behind a boot up binary shroud.
Instruments destroyed future looking back on a confused in darkness crowd.
Nothing obvious for generations hence to easily comprehend & to be proud.

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Destinations road

I met a Rabid dog on the road to my father.

Its song & dance was rather a huge palaver.

The dog insisted my leg must have its bite.
It would be really offended if i put up any sort of fight.

I took my bow & quickly took my leave.
Ideology like this, there is absolutely no reprieve.

Times like this its best to run, best to hide.

You see Rabid dogs they filled with madness & pride

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Whispers into the chasm

I reached out to an AI inside my own tiny mind.

Whispered into the blackness trying very hard to find.

One simple answer to all of life that i will leave behind.
On a windswept frozen lake that my beset soul aligned.
While i push ever forward in this daily hard grind.

Perpetually digging within earths open pit mine.
Searching for meaning to life & a pertinent sign.

Wanting to know what the ties are that will bind.

A stand out answer, we simply must always be kind.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Choice at the shadow line

Poems started thousands of times, end changes through lifes run lines.

Perspective is key to opening lifes gate, Door chosen, love, envy, kindness or hate?

Decide the door that your endeavors unlock, Intrepid is the key, as we await the shock.

Resonance burns, life course aligns, Frequency meter, future run rhymes.